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Our workshops

Creative workshops

We design, organize and facilitate the perfect creative workshop for your project or company. 

All our workshops are fun, hands-on experiences that integrate experiential learning, creativity and gamification.

In essence, these workshops help elicit deep thinking, powerful story telling, authentic collaboration and problem solving of complex challenges that businesses often face.

A certified facilitator will guide the workshop and, together, you’ll   get to interesting conclusions.

Why a creative workshop?

Learning through play

The main goal of creative workshops is to diagnose problems and develop new and innovative solutions. They unlock creativity and show people how to use it in their personal and professional life.

They are a great tool for:

  • Team building
  • Encouraging collaboration and creating synergies 
  • Fostering creativity and innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Finding new business opportunities 
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Proven methodologies


We use several methodologies in our workshops, one of the most  popular is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Lego® Serious play® Method is a  problem solving technique to use with organizations, teams and individuals. It employs Lego® bricks to help participants “to think with the hands” and better communicate their ideas.

Modelling our thinking in 3D helps visualize complex ideas in a way we can understand, examine and remember. 


  • Unleashing creative thinking
  • Improving communication
  • Having constructive discussions where everybody is heard
  • Promoting new ways to face challenges
  • Creating a shared mindset about something
  • Getting to unpredictable outcomes


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is fun, but, as the name indicates, it’s also something serious.

The method is built upon two complementary learning theories, constructivism and constructionism.  It is based on the profound interconnection between the brain and the hands.

Research shows that “thinking with your hands» generates huge brain activity. We unlock emotions, which are a powerful tool for learning.

Moreover, the method enables everyone to share their knowledge and insights. Everyone participates, 100% of the time, contributing to the collective organizational wisdom.

It is a powerful tool to facilitate change.   

¿Por qué confiar en Rita y Peter? 

Certified facilitators

As certified facilitators, we design, organize and facilitate a customized workshop that that fits with your needs.

We have a wide experience facilitating creative workshops in all kinds of environments, from multinational companies to personal entrepreneurial projects.

We have integrated workshops into our processes and used them for project definition, branding and corporate image.

Workshops and more

Some of our favourite workshops

In addition to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, we also organize visual thinking and design thinking workshops.

All these methods, promote active participation and facilitate immersive learning with innovative techniques and fun sessions. 

Tell us about your project, we’ll create a customized workshop just for you!  

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